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But who protects the horse :(

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The next supreme

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Beauty privilege is very real. None of us are imagining it, and if we aren’t born genetic lottery winners, our only option is to compensate with style, grace, and charm. Of course, none of that shit comes cheap. That’s kind of the whole point. It’s all meant to be aspirational and exclusionary. We’re supposed to feel depressed by our skin, agitated by our bodies, and anxious about our invisibility. That’s the insidious subtlety of social control.

The worst part is that we know in our rational minds that it’s all bullshit, and yet we’re still plagued with self-loathing when we can’t live up to unattainable beauty standards. No matter how much self-acceptance we achieve, we can still look in the mirror and instantly catalog all the things about ourselves that we don’t think measure up. It’s maddening. It makes us feel like hypocrites even though it’s not our hypocrisy."

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white people: don’t blame us for our ancestors! i’m not responsible for those white people or what they did just because we’re the same color!

same white people: look at all these inventions you poc wouldn’t have without white people! i didn’t invent any of it but i’ma take responsibility for these ancestors just based on being the same skin color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He has a hentai manga page in his mouth that she drew herself.

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Les Revenants by Valère Bernard 

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